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I am impressed with the feedback, I have never used anything but Intel since 1985 and have always had good service, I was intending to buy an Intel motherboard until I read they are getting out of that business. I see quite a few ideas that are encouraging, I will study them, notably the quiet case and ability to hide the cables, that is important to me. As for CAD I use an older version and only for myself and friends, my old PC does just fine with it. Video editing is with Adobe and again it's just for fun or to help someone else, rendering is a bit slow on my PC. One of my sore spots is waiting for a computer to boot or shutdown, The Asus P5AD2-E Premium with 4GB ram and a 3.0 CPU takes about 2 minutes to fully boot and be on the internet. I see the new Windows 8 ads saying 2sec boot to bios, 7sec boot to Windows 8, This is hard to believe. I'll keep reading, and posting here.

Thanks for now
God bless all
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