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My System Specs


Totally depends on your budget and how much rendering is involved with your cad and video editing.

Throwing it out there, AMD FX8350, in multi-core stuff it should leave a 3770k behind and costs $30ish less than a 3570k, not to mention AMD boards are generally cheaper too.
Add to that that Microsoft are due to release an update which *should* help the AMD chip too.. (see tek syndicate youtube review on this chip) more details needed before this is confirmed though.

Other options are 3570k as said above or the 3770k for $100 more.. the 3770k will leave the 3570 in the dust on tasks that use multiple cores.
Also Haswell out somewhere near the summer.

On the overclocking.
It's really easy to do theses days and you can get 25% increases in clock speeds with minimal effort.. really worth it these days on both Intel and AMD chips. Have a look into it.
If you do decide to OC, then get an after market cooler.. if not a stock one should be fine (if a bit noisy compared to at least some aftermarket options)

If the programs you use (cad and whatever video package) make use of your video card to increase performance, see what they recommend and stick one in.

Couldn't disagree with bliz on the mobo more, Gigabyte for me have too lousy a customer service and I have personally only ever had problems with their motherboards. (I know thats just luck)
Add to that that you would have to RMA to the states if you did have a problem... Get MSI or Asus, both renowned for their customer service and both have return centers in Canada.

Ram, well the more the better.. either 16 (2x8) or 32GB(4x8) for your usage.. it all depends on what your doing (how big the video's are, effects your using etc).
Ram is cheap so there is no harm in sticking in more if it's in the budget and you should have a better idea of what your using.

600watt good quality PSU, corsair, seasonic, xfx.. Seasonic 650W 80+gold would be my pick.

Case, get something that you like.. Make sure it has the features you want (enough room to hide your cables behind the motherboard tray, enough cooling options, noise dampening etc)
and then from the ones you find pick the one you like the look of best at a price you don't mind paying.
NZXT H2 Silent Mid Tower Case Video Review
or as said above the fractal is pretty good too.

SSD and HDD..
Get a SSD for your os and if it's in the budget a second to use as a scratch disk., agree with the above on the Intel 520. But the Vertex4, samsung 840 among others are also very good.
HDD, I would get something like 2x 2TB WD Blues / reds and have them mirror each-other in raid.. HDD failure with video work etc is always bad

Use ncix or the like to price-match all your bits and then get it in 1 order.
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