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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
I have never looked into these remotes.. I do not understand why your remote for use entirely within your own home requires access to a site on the internet.

Remotes do not need to be online and that is that. So why does this one?

And whatever the reason:
Good. they deserve dropping sales. Perhaps the next company will not jerk the customers around so much.

(oh, logi, how much does it cost you to run whatever server vs allowing the remotes to be standalone and offline? Yea, bite me.)
If you have a TV with a set top box and that's it, you won't benefit from a Harmony. Anyone with multiple devices that need to be turned on alongside the TV will however benefit.

Regarding the internet connection, I think that's pretty self evident. Typically Harmonys that are purchased now were produced months or perhaps even years ago. Alternately, older remotes can be updated to control new devices.

For example, I purchased my Harmony about 5 years ago. I recently updated my TV and receiver from Samsung + Onkyo to Panasonic + an Onkyo TX-NR717 but I found somewhere along the line, Onkyo changed their remote codes. I simply plugged the Harmony in, downloaded the new remote codes and....voila. It worked like a charm.

Regarding Logitech's customer service; I've never had better. My Harmony had battery reading issues six months after the warranty ended. They replaced the whole remote without any questions asked.
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