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Don't be confused when we have conflicting advice! Each one of us has his/her philosophy when it comes to PC building.

If you overclock your i7 CPU and HD 7970 GPU card to the maximum with 4 fans, 1HDD, 1 SSD, fan controller, SD card reader and sound card, you're rig will reach 480W power consumption. Your maximum at stock would be around 430W and average at 400. If you have money to spare, then going for something higher than 650 on a good quality PSU will allow it to operate fanless or at a lower fan speed. It will also allow you to add another card down the line should you wish to. So I think it's a good idea if:
1) You can afford it after getting the best (other) parts you can get first.
2) You are going for a quite PC build
3) You intend to upgrade.

For GPU, I don't think the GTX 680, with its current price/performance makes any sense since the HD 7970 can match it and is $50 cheaper.
Matrix is an awesome card (if you can find it) and it has the highest clocks, but way too expensive and huge (triple slot cooler).
All manufacturers charge $50 extra just for overclocking their cards to take advantage of novice builders so I would get the best dual slot design for the best price and try to overclock.
MSI TFIV are also expensive so my choice would be $400 Gigabyte HD 7970.

PS: If you are going for a sound card ( any Asus Xonar AV100 chip equipped soundcard), then an Asus motherboard is due imo.
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