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I will remember that when i am gonna make the new measurements, thanks for the heads up.
For the single rad there shouldn't be problems since its made for 140mm fan mounting, the front is just a holder if you will where you usually just place the fans in, so maybe i will need to make a tiny mod, but else it should just slip right in there, hopefully.
But will see next weekend when i have the time to check my options. But will put the Swiftech rads on my list instead then
Btw, anyone knows some good quite fans for these rads? I have Corsair SP140 Quiet edition laying around right now, but if anyone has some better ideas i am open for suggestions. Noctua is out of the question only because of their awful colors, but else as long as they are either plain black or prefered black frame with white blades. No LED fans since i would give me more light in my case than i would like to

EDIT: I stumble over these rads from XSPC, XSPC EX280 Dual 140mm Low Profile Split Fin Radiator -, anyone have any experience with these, since they are only 320mm thick and optimized for low fan speed, even tho it's only 20mm less than Swiftech mentioned earlier it all counts in a tight case. And also, i remember something about it's bad to mix different metals in your loop, where aluminium is some of the worst? With the stuff i got on the list atm, i would get brass and copper in my loop, just how this will effect the loop?

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