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My System Specs


I also agree with getting a k version cpu, is a waist not doing so, mem g.skill is the best ram in my opinion. PS stay 750 or up for the headroom and a major brand as u have been suggesting all through your posts.
I run the newest gigabyte board been on asus for years needed a change, I like it. Asrock I have used but only the one, didn't use it long before changing to asus so.
Sound believe a sound card should be in order, I know allot of the onboards are good these days but there just that, onboard, a good asus sound card you should have a look at.
Have a freind that just bought a new build and went with a 680 turned out he was getting crashes on certain older games and ended up buying a 7970 to replace it. Just something to think about.
Again u mentioned gaming so a 120 hz monitor you should also be looking at, use a 27" now is 3d though have never used it. use an ati card so too don't play nice together for 3d, gaming normal is fine.
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