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My System Specs


I previously posted about using solvoplast to soften up the glue to delid my chip and I mistakenly thought it had killed my chip. Turned out I was just a moron who forgot to clear cmos after putting the chip back in. I feel so dumb yet so relieved.

Before the delid I was hitting almost 95C with mx-2/D14 at 4.6ghz and 1.25vcore. After delid, I used Mx-2 between the die and IHS at the beginning and got up to 4.8ghz at 1.325vcore llc1 on a Asrock Z68 Extreme3Gen3 but it was hitting 100C with a Noctua D14. Switched to CL Pro between die and IHS, mx2 between d14 and ihs and ended up with temps of 83C with prime95 small fft.

I am beyond impressed but I would still not recommend solvoplast unless you're incredibly inept at handling a razor blade.

I also totally derailed the point of this thread but I thought I'd just keep the info here for consistency's sake

Edit: It also seems to get vcore hungry after that. 1.4vc to hit 4.9 and smallfft@95C. sFFT couldn't even get stable with 1.52 before it hit tjmax when going for 5ghz

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