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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
I'm going to grab an 8350 tomorrow at lunch. I also need to buy some more memory. My current memory will move on down the line of computers with my current processor. What speed should I get to support this processor? I'll be running it on a 990FX Sabertooth... Will 1866 be enough?
1866Mhz is pretty much the limit of the cpu with 4 banks. I have heard of a few people getting it, I personally had to drop down to 1800Mhz to get it to POST with 32GB of RAM. Its not starved for memory speed by any means. I got my 1866Mhz kit running 2 slots at 2133Mhz and it honestly didn't feel any faster in work or games. Though one thing I have noticed with running in linux, I got a big boost in some apps. So there is something to optimization.

I didn't watch that video too closely but it looks like the scenarios they are talking about would be >4 cores. Saw something about a game + a streaming a video feed. Or running at higher resolutions where the GPU starts to bottle neck. They also overclocked the 8350 to 5Ghz and the i7 to 4.5 so any core to core comparison would be slanted and not apples to apples. I think there was a linking follow up video and these may have been in it so forgive me if I am melding the two, it was background noise one day.

I don't have an intel system right now, probably have a overkill AMD build for the budget. So I cant compare. I do like the core count for work and it seems to do well for gaming so I can't complain. I don't think anyone would be unhappy with a FX-8350 with an OC. Those videos if true are completely scenario based, and cherry picking the best AMD can offer though. Just my 2 cents as a FX-8350 owner.
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