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My System Specs


I had the RP-402X2 and with the way my system is plumbed I could not get the thing to bleed without burping fluid allover my floor and kit. Had to use 5-6' of tubing as a filltube off the front ports and would still take days and days to bleed air. I would have to flip my case around on its sides and rock back and forth and use one pump at 8v. Wayyy to hard to bleed with a rad up top horizontal. And that was with the pumps on the side....

I tried to RP-401X1 and was easy as it should be. Maybe a day of running and 4 or 5 fills and my loop almost takes 2 litres.

I think the Laing states the pumps should never be used upside down because they have to assume most people are idiots to reduce RMA issues. With the res being directly attached it should be able to feed the pump and assumes those having the rad would know better than to not have water in them. As long as they are being primed in the intake, and not run bone dry the bearing will last no problem.

One other thing I like about the RP-401X1 over the X2 is the pumps get airflow being on the top compared to being hidden by the 5.25" rails on each side. Seen one guy on XS that modded the Koolance HTS-PMP400 heatsinks to work with the RP-401X1 and looked pretty awesome. I have 4 DDC-2's from 2005 and 2006 that are still going strong with proper cooling, and they were considered "unreliable".
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