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My System Specs


We have all or most of use using a logitech remote and not your whole system turns on properly then you most likly have to shut it down and start over. For most of us this is not an issue for we understand how to fix the problem, but to our parents wives or friends well this might be a melt down aaiting to happen.

With logitch you on and off code is the same code so when setting up your macro you have to some time put two off TV on TV to set it up properly but with urc remotes you can simply turn the TV on or off so one command not to and this also allows for an easier system set up and jumping from TV to music to whatever. This is real handy with sat,cable or what have you.

Now in harmonys defence I have not been selling audio/video equipment for a few years now. But when I did I never sold a harmony remote where the customer who did not have a problem with it.

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