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Are you a profession drafter or just using CAD and video editing as a hobby? What kind of CAD and video editing software do you use? AutoCAD and Adobe CS do use video card for computation. More importantly, what's your budget?

Reasonable budget
* No one brand I recommend for motherboard because I haven't build any new machine in a while.
* Intel 3550 or 3570 CPU
* 2x8 GB of RAM
* Intel 550 series 250 GB SSD. Sure OCZ is cheaper but their RMA service is horrid. May be a M4 256GB as alternative. Again not expert in this are but those are the 2 I'm looking at myself.
* Nvidia 5xx series video card. Should be a bit cheaper than the current 6xx series but since you don't game, it may be just enough for CAD and video editing. Again, look at your software and see if they even use a discrete video card for computation.
* 600W power supply should be enough. Just get a decent brand like Antec or Enermax. Other users would know more about which ones to get.

If you're not in a hurry, you could wait for Haswell coming out this year.
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