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My System Specs


Depends on your budget...something fast but affordable (around 1000$) would be

i5 3570k,a best seller
A SSD,maybe samsung or corsair120gb +
A GOOD case (fractal design R4) with fan controllers to run it quiet...
A good psu,bequiet or corsair,500w+ 80+ gold...
Good fans,if you wanna replace em,anyway ,some noctua fans
A good CPU cooler to replace the Sh1t stock noisy intel cooler :D maybe coolermaster 212evo or 612 pwm,if you want to really overclock the CPU...

And for motherboards,GIGABYTE all the way! 100$+ is just fine.

A GPU? maybe something cheap,if you don't play games... like a GT 640.Or smaller

16 gigs of ram,any ram will do the job,1600 mhz or more ,kingston is good ,or corsair,but don't waste money in premium ram^^

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