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Smile Gathering Info for a new computer

Hi Everyone,

I would like your input at to choosing suppliers for a new comuter, starting with the retailers, It will be Intel, OS probably Windows 8 64bit , motherboards, hard drives, memory, SSD drives, cooling, what ever you like and have had success with.

My new computer will be built around the 80% level, not the top but quite good, fast, cool and quiet.

I don't need the fastest processor, the hardest it will work is video editing, cad, not for games, I want a reliable, fairly fast, quiet computer that will boot quickly and last 5 or 6 years.

I have been buying from Direct Canada, NCIX, and NewEgg, all seem ok, I now have an Asus motherboard that was top when I bought it and it has served me well but I can't get help when I need it.
I live in northern NB and have to rely on the internet to make purchases, shipping is really good, and I am not it much hurry as we usually have three computers at a time.

Thanks for any help
God bless
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