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Thanks for all the quick responses
dandelioneater: Well i thought about that, but the R4 is not the most spacy case inside sadly, maybe a bad choice for water cooling but love the design. I am not sure i would be able to fit the rad with fans on in the top, without it conflicts with my mobo, but will try take some measurements when i get home next weekend, btw i am only gonna run with a single layer of fans on each rad, think that will cut it?

brewer265@: i had a look at that, the reason i didn't go that way was because it wouldn't fit in lookwise, and i would rather pay 100 buks more and be totally satisfied with looks, or else i would drive me crazy in a week and i would order something else anyways Talking as the guy that could have gone with a set of Corsair Vengeance memory with my needs, but got a set of Dominator Platinum instead, because they look sooo much nicer.

lowfat: I've read that somewhere, i just hoped that by running a single and a dual i would get enough heat dissipation so i could run at a lower fan speed and then reduce the noise. When i started i had my eyes on these: Swiftech MCRx40 "Quiet Power" Dual 140mm Radiator - Black (MCR240-QP) -
But as mentioned above space is a little restricted in the R4, but think i would be able to fit this and its single counterpart inside, with single layer of fans. Would that be a better choice for low noise and fan speed?

Hooded: I am from Denmark, so no matter what i will have to order from somewhere else than here, since there is no marked at all for water cooling here apparently, or atleast no of our suppliers think so, so the range of available parts is just a joke

Btw, i was thinking i may needed some extra info on my cooling needs, as you probably can see i have a gtx 670, just a standard EVGA, for CPU i am running a i5-3570k no OC (yet atleast) and mobo is a ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe (so have the heatsinks which would make a conflict dandelioneater). If any other parts is needed for you to give the best advise just tell me

EDIT: For the part about getting silver to kill stuff, i found this little fellow: Monsoon .999 Fine Silver Bullet Antimicrobial G 1/4 Plug - Black (MON-PLUG-AG-BLK) -
Thought it was a very clever way to handle that part?

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