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My System Specs


Originally Posted by r0k0 View Post
look great kill, but some of the tubing i would of trimmed down for a better fit :P

like upper rad to gpu and gpu to lower rad,
Thanks! Shortening up some tubing is also in the plans when I tear down soon. I have the loop arranged so there is a rad between the CPU/mobo and video card thinking it would help cool better. Currently the order is pump - cpu - mobo - top rad - video card - bottom rad - res. But I read that if your flow rate is good enough the order of components won't matter.... and I think that's correct. Also the flow rate should do nothing but improve once everything is shortened up. I'm thinking of changing the order to pump - top rad - cpu - mobo - video card - bottom rad - res.

Originally Posted by Evil Genius Jr. View Post
Nice job!
Go for the FX, if nothing to show you have 8 graphs in the task manager
Thank you. Haha good point about the graphs in task manager! It will look impressive to anyone I show it to!

Originally Posted by Slik View Post
I see you also removed the red exterior accent paint from the case. Looks a hell of a lot better than the one I had. Take FULL advantage of your wifes OK while you still have it. Excellent work buddy!!
Nope, red paint on the exterior is still there.

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