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Default New to WC, got a list, need advise

Well as stated i am new to this water cooling thing, but it sure is exciting stuff!
So i have my current system, and i have a dream about getting it liquid cooled. So i've made a list of components after lots of reading and watching on Youtube, to see if i have moved in the right direction with this. First i need to say i care a lot about the aesthetics of my system, so i had to keep that in mind or else i would just not WC it at all. So mostly i am doing this to make it even more quite and the headroom for OC will just be a (big) bonus for me. But here is the list, questions will follow after:
CPU Block - XSPC RayStorm - XSPC RayStorm High Performance Acetal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Intel (Sockets LGA 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011) -
GPU Block - XSPC Razor GTX 670 Full Coverage (will probably also get the backplate from XSPC) - XSPC Razor nVidia GTX 670 Full Coverage VGA Block - Reference Design -
Rads - Koolance single and dual 140mm Copper High Flow Radiator (30 fpi) - Koolance Single 140mm Copper High Flow Radiator - Black (HX-CU1401V) (No Nozzles) - and Koolance Dual 140mm Copper High Flow Radiator - Black (No Nozzles) (HX-CU1402V) -
Reservoir/pump combo - Koolance RP-1250 Reservoir & pump for 5.25" bay - Koolance RP-1250 Reservoir & Pumps in 5.25" Bay - Black -
Fittings - I have thought about Swiftech Lok-Seal, i like the looks, and from their whitepaper they look promising especially for a newcomer
Tubing - It's important that it's white, i saw that XSPC have white tubing in various sizes, which should do fine?
Coolant - Well this confuses me the most, some say distilled water, some say to get with chemicals to prevent growths in the loop, on this i will need some clarification.

So questions:
I have chosen the rads based on the size (300mm thick) which will help a lot to get them fitted without any problems, and they won't look bulky in my rig, since i prefer a slick and clean look. I thought that running those two will make me able to turn down the fan speed, and keep them quiet and still get it all cooled well?
The reservoir/pump combo, i've read that i will need a minimum of flow, but my math skills haven't done me well enough to let me figure out if that pump would do it for me? Also if it's not, i would like something in the same area, since i would like my pump and res to be out from the inside if you will, and the controls on the front is just a really big bonus, so i can control it all from the front of my case.
Fittings, well i would like them in black, as writen above the Swiftech ones seem like a fine choice?
Coolant, i don't know where to start or where to end, seems like it's a personal preference, or can someone shine some light on the matter for me?
So think that's it, i have done some work with measuring tape to check the space and from my above choices it all checks out. Also i have attached some photos, of my system now and a drawing of my thoughts on my hopefully new WC setup. There you can also see the color scheme and the idea of how i want my rig to look like.
Oh, i've better mention that it's getting build in a Fractal Design R4 case.
Hope there is some WC gurus that can take alittle time to help out a newcomer in this crazy buisness of WC'ing
Photos of current rig, and drawing on my thoughts about the whole setup:
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