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My System Specs


Increases yes, money well spent.. that depends on how much you see, which will depend on the games and setting you play.
Games that are even slightly heavy on the CPU / utilize more than 2 cores / if you have lots running in the background, should see a marked improvement.

I got an extreme 4 z77 for my brothers build a few months ago and I was pretty impressed overall and he's not had a single issue with it yet.
A friend of mine just got the same one and he's very impressed too (especially for the price)
Not had to deal with their RMA service as of yet
(we return to the retailer here rather than the manufacturer, if they can reproduce the fault they send you a replacement and send the old one to manufacturer, so it's not a problem for me. you may want to look into it where you are though)

Z77 will also allow you a drop-in upgrade whenever you do want to change your processor for something meatier (and second-hand, a 3570k or 3770k in 2-3 years should be a bargain).
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