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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Yeah....look I like my 8350. I like it a lot....BUT my 3770K eats its lunch in anything but iGPU gaming (and who honestly uses a iGPU for gaming on an enthusiast rig?). Not even in the same ball park. No one but ultra rabid AMD fanbois even argue otherwise (as its a 2bill vs 3 bill CPU!). Biased video is biased....and I didnt even bother clicking the link to know that.
Dunno, apparently the Windows patches they got from microsoft(they aren't released yet) had a large part to play. They also only did gaming benches and they were all at oc speeds.

Would be interesting to see a rundown of CPU's with this patch and what you would consider a 24/7 stable oc and see how they perform.

Looking at their older video's they suggest Intel much more than AMD.. not sure this is bias.

Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
But even though I had an i7 980x sitting here and seriously considered running it
If it's just sitting there I would gladly drop it into my rig for you... :P
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