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Originally Posted by bliz View Post
I'll be honest,im gonna answer to the thread and say what i experienced.I tested a few gaming keyboards,i find them useless,actually,it's really overpriced,OK,you have a nicer touch and little lights,but it's plain gadget for me,i'm now using a microsoft curve (15$) and it's as good as a 300$ keyboard for me,ok,no lights ,no super cool touch;but the keys respond perfectly,i don't see the point wasting 100$ in a keyboard,maybe for no-life gamers?? Seriously,gaming mouse,YES,keyboard,pay 100x more for programmable keys you don't need,even in MMO's and little lights. A gaming keyboard won't help you to be a better gamer,as long as you don't have stuck keys ,keep your keyboard.

Last words,they are better and cool but it's not worth the price at all for a sweet piece of plastic.

Mechanical?other types? Seriously,it feels different,but anyway i even think my microsoft curve is better because it feels more like a notebook keyboard...It's a matter of taste...
Agree with about half of this.. I'll never spend silly money on a board. But the macro buttons are not useless to many people and the difference in feel is very noticeable.

This (or the brown variant) would be ideal for me... no bells no whistles but still WAY overpriced.
Linear Touch Keyboard - - Products

Go straight to the source and buy a keyboard from cherry themselves. I have a $20 dollar cherry board and am well impressed.
It's actually membrane based, but the feel is actually spot on and quite similar to the mechanical.. Cherry Black CyMotion Expert (USB/PS2) Keyboard - Black [G86-22000]
There are no back-lighting / macro keys etc etc but after nearly 3 years of use it's still as solid as the day I bought it.
The letters have a very slight fade on them and the keystrokes are still better than any other keayboard I've used in a LONG time with the exception of the silly priced gaming ones with mech switches.
I'm sure with time on your side you can find which of their boards they put your preferred switch into.
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