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My System Specs


I'll be honest,im gonna answer to the thread and say what i experienced.I tested a few gaming keyboards,i find them useless,actually,it's really overpriced,OK,you have a nicer touch and little lights,but it's plain gadget for me,i'm now using a microsoft curve (15$) and it's as good as a 300$ keyboard for me,ok,no lights ,no super cool touch;but the keys respond perfectly,i don't see the point wasting 100$ in a keyboard,maybe for no-life gamers?? Seriously,gaming mouse,YES,keyboard,pay 100x more for programmable keys you don't need,even in MMO's and little lights. A gaming keyboard won't help you to be a better gamer,as long as you don't have stuck keys ,keep your keyboard.

Last words,they are better and cool but it's not worth the price at all for a sweet piece of plastic.

Mechanical?other types? Seriously,it feels different,but anyway i even think my microsoft curve is better because it feels more like a notebook keyboard...It's a matter of taste...
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