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For ITX platform users, most will use Intel original CPU Cooler.
Besides the convenience, it?s also hard to find ITX CPU Cooler.
Thermalright, high end cooler maker, just launched a high end cooler for ITX platform.
The model is AXP-100. Packing is corrugated paper with black printing.

Left is manual, right is installation parts, and lower right is cooler.
The fan spec is L 108.25mm X H 101.5mm and Noise Level is 22~30 dBA.

AXP-100 body is nickel-plated. 6 heat-pipes improve thermal conduction.
L 121.1mm X W 105.47mm X H 44.15mm, the height with fan is 5.8cm.

CPU contact face is mirror polished. It looks like a boutique, and the price is also high.
If you would like to build a high end ITX PC or look for better heat dissipation, AXP-100 is one of the options.
However, big CPU cooler will interfere with DIMM1, you also can use standard height DDR3.

Temperature (Room is 19)
Enter to OS Desktop - 23~27

CPU Full Speed - 41~43
LinX 0.6.4

Comparing AXP-100 with Intel original cooler, when entering to OS desktop, it?s 1~3 lower and full speed is 5~6 lower.
The cooler performance is good at full speed condition, but the improvement is not huge. It dues to Core i3-3220 is low heat.
If I used Core i5 or i7 CPU, I believed AXP-100 would be much better.

3D Performance Test
Intel Core i3-3220 built-in HD Graphics 2500
3DMark Vantage => P1761

StreetFighter IV Benchmark
1280 X 720 => 45.00 FPS

1280 X 720 => 726

HD Graphics 2500 is 30~50% faster than HD Graphics 2000.
However, the score is only entry level. If you use ITX PC as media player or limited 3D usage, it?s good enough.
If you would like to play 3D games, I do recommend you to install VGA.

Adding AMD Radeon HD 7700
3DMark Vantage => P7994
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