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I dont know about the H90 or H110 (yet...havent opened the boxes and looked for it) but the H55, H60 2.0, H80i and H100i all came with a slip of paper that basically says that if they leak and kill other parts....Corsair will fix or replace (at their discretion) to make things right. I have heard some say that they have changed their liability to $150 max....but since I have never had one leak on idea if that is true or not. Corsair are known for their customer service so I doubt that they would not cover you. A sealed AIO that leaks would be rare...otherwise they would not be selling them generation after generation.

Basically, my understanding is that with sealed all in ones you are buying a ready to use device. IF it leaks it has to be from a mfg'er defect (ie final builder is at fault). Thus they have to cover you under law (they can limit their liability, but cant void it entirely. this is why and how hdd and ssd can get away with not covering data on the drives, just the drive itself...but IF it takes out another part as it dies you could force the issue...but that doesnt happen all that often). After markert custom not have such liability as you are buying the separate parts (even in kit form) and are responsible for the build...thus YOU are the final builder and responsible for damages.
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