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My System Specs


MSI/Sapphire about equivalent though warranty wise at least for Canada, MSI is the better pick(vancouver vs USA to return)
MSI/Sapphire-XFX--ASUS---Gigabyte---HIS/Powercolor-------Visiontek and rest
MSI/Sapphire with thier respective dual fan coolers being the vaporX style and TwinFrozr style this time aorund are great coolers compred to most of the rest, are quite good overclockers, are resonably quiet, and properly cool the entire card.'
7850 the Asus one is apprently a great card for its overclocking prowess, 9/10 even matching a 7870 oc performance levels which says alot. but the DCII cooler(this time) is not nearly as good as sapphire/msi dual fan coolers either.

However, on this note, I would go with a Radeon 7870XT(sapphire)7870Myst(powercolor) or even a 7950 VaporX from sapphire. 7870XT is essentially a slightly cut down 7950 as in same bus width, slightly less memory, slightly less shader and such, but quite comparable performance, and less costly.
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