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My System Specs


Originally Posted by redmoon60 View Post
can you please add Swiftech Apogee GTX to the list? and what little parts do we need? like the barbs or converters , coolant , how to make blue colored tubes/liquid . Thanks i am very noob to Watercooling and trying to build one hehe
Couple ways to get colour in your loop:
A) Coloured tubing
B) Pre-mixed coolant which comes in various colours. I recommend Feser One.
C) Dye which you add to distilled water to provide the wanted colour.

The easiest and most changeable option is B however the colours aren't always perfect and same goes for dye. They can sometimes be too light or black may look purple etc. To get the truest colour I think coloured tubing is the way to go.

And as was mentioned, the Apogee GTX has a plated aluminum top which in theory shouldn't cause corrosion issues however the plating wears off/scratches easily and thus causing issues. They do sell a copper top however that makes the block extremely expensive. The D-TEK FuZion out performs it anyways for the same/less money. Swiftech is coming out with the Apogee GTZ which looks rather nice.
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