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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
why do people keep on saying this?

barring hardware failures, your hardware DOES NOT slow down over time. it slows down over the course of software changes (new version of MS office, new game, new malware, etc.).

if you can run a game at this FPS, it will ALWAYS run at this FPS.

while you and I and most people on this forum understand what you mean, i've NEVER seen anyone qualify that statement in real-life and non-tech people take it literally. Don't tell me you've never seen someone buy a new computer (and run the exact same software setup) when their old one becomes 'too old and slow' because they have too much malware on it.
I never said it slowed down. I said it will be defunct in 2-3 years as the software and games become more hardware intensive.

If the requirements stayed the same none of us would ever need a new computer and I'd still be happy running my first self build of a 1Ghz single core duron, 256MB ram and a 4800TI.

Even if you run the same things in 2-3 years time it's likely that they will be updated with new tech etc.
WOW would be a good comparison.
These days to max it out and get good fps in every situation you actually need a reasonably high end rig..
If your running the same rig as when it was first released you would be running minimum settings.

Your right that as hardware ages it stays the same (mostly) but it's the shifting target that makes them become defunct/obsolete/not suitable for purpose over time.

My point is that your computer will last a good amount of time and give you good performance for more of that time if you don't stick to your current minimum requirements and get what you can afford (within reason)

On the car analogy, The Ferrari may not be needed but in 5 - 10 years time it's still a Ferrari, it won't be the latest and greatest but it'll still be quick and the POS cherry (chinese car) will be scrap.

A better analogy would be to compare an Audi A4 to a Skoda Superb.. basically the same car, share the majority of parts but the build quality and finish in the Audi will be better..
Is it needed, no, but some people want the Audi and not the Skoda regardless of the price difference.
It would be our job to point out the pro's and con's of each and point out the third/fourth options of a VW Passat / Seat alternative..

For users that basically browse the web etc then there is very little reason to upgrade ever though even in web browsing you'll see a difference between a new quad core based system and an old single or dual core.
Generally a re-load of the os and some pointers about how to manage stuff to keep it running at it's fastest is all thats needed.

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