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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
On point 6, a dual core will be defunct in 2 -3 years yes, definitely.. an i5 or i7 will not.
why do people keep on saying this?

barring hardware failures, your hardware DOES NOT slow down over time. it slows down over the course of software changes (new version of MS office, new game, new malware, etc.).

if you can run a game at this FPS, it will ALWAYS run at this FPS.

while you and I and most people on this forum understand what you mean, i've NEVER seen anyone qualify that statement in real-life and non-tech people take it literally. Don't tell me you've never seen someone buy a new computer (and run the exact same software setup) when their old one becomes 'too old and slow' because they have too much malware on it.
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