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My System Specs


Well, I'll have to see where I can try out a few of these mechanical keyboards somewhere. I've got no idea whether this MS keyboard is membrain or mechanical, the keys do bounce and rrrrepeating keys is not a problem. Given I'm not into the point and kill games but rather flight sims and auto racing maybe a keyboard designed for FPS is not the best choice. The idea of programmable keys does appeal to me, some of the key combinations in the flight sims are a pain to remember. I should hang out at the FlightSim forum and see what keyboard advice those virtual aviators have.

As for the cool factor, hard to put a price on that.

Thanks for the advice, I'll post a picture of any new keyboard I do decide on, but it might be the boring MS ergonomic corporal tunnel fighting split keyboard I have at work, ... and its only $44.00.

I also noticed none of the keyboard I looked at on line at Memory Express are USB 3 yet, nor did any of them mention Win8. Maybe I should wait a year and see if keyboard makers catch up with today's machines.

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