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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Do it. Performance is similar or better than a 3770K in most multi-threaded applications (i.e. video editing) and it isn't too far off when gaming. When overclocked, I could see it having very similar gaming performance to a stock 3570K. And, if we already have an AM3+ platform, and the CPU itself is ~$200, it's definitely the best deal.

I'm just waiting for an extra $200+tax to find its way to me before making my move.
Although true, i7's still totally destroy anything AMD has core to core in some areas. But even though I had an i7 980x sitting here and seriously considered running it, I decided not to because highend x58 mobos are getting harder to find and aren't cheap when you do. It just made more sense for me to stick with what I had when it doesn't lack at anything I need it for. Newegg has the 1366 Rampage III Extreme in stock for $390 plus tax and shipping. No thanks.
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