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My System Specs


Tinkering around with these settings I clicked on reset to Defaults in BIOS and then went to on to try and disable the Xfire to test the system "default". Un-enabling Xfire turned into a lot of trouble. My system would not boot properly (it shut down as soon as a clicked "apply" to the disabling Xfire. After many efforts to get the system to reboot (in either Win7 or Win8) I finally got back into windows. I had to select "repair" from a windows menu. Anyway, I finally got back into the system. and I did some testing in furmark, and noticed that the results were somewhat less (16 fps vs 26 fps), and then went to the AMD Vision Engine Control Centre (Catalyst) and noticed that in the Xfire section I no longer had the choice previously available to me, to either Xfire the two HD 6670's in my rig or "dual-graphic" one of the 6670's with the APU. Odd how that is now not an option. I did reenable Xfire and the system seems to have settled down. Any notions as to why I no longer have that option???

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