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3 minutes - 100% Write / 100% Random 4KB
Total I/Os per Second => 91553.28

The former review of SandForce SSD, the performance is lower after 3 minutes. It may be caused by firmware.
As GS using SandForce controller, IOMETER 2008 Random Read / Write 4KB test are very good.
1 minute and 3 minutes test difference is minor. You can treat it as acceptable deviation.

SSD Benchmark TOTAL => 5026.30

This result is much higher than 3700 by Marvell 88SS9174-BKK2 controller SS.
You can see SandForce controller SSD still has his advantage in some software.

Second part is two 240GB GS runs at Raid 0 mode.

Two CORSAIR Force GS 240GB both install at white SATA3 port.
None OS system drive without any data. Test at Intel Z77 platform.
HD Tune Pro 5.00
Black Size is the special part of this software. Left side default is 64K and right side is 8MB.
64K - Read - Average 1028.7 MB/s Access Time 0.123ms
8MB - Read - Average 1040.1 MB/s Access Time 0.122ms

64K - Write - Average 325.8 MB/s Access Time 0.094ms
8MB - Write - Average 891.9 MB/s Access Time 0.153ms

Read - Random Access & Extra tests

Write - Random Access & Extra tests

File Benchmark
Sequential 4KB randon Read - 84750 IOPS / Write - 169440 IOPS
ATTO DISK Benchmark over 128KB test, max read is 1118.4 Mb/s and max write is 1047.5 MB/s

Seq Read - 1012 MB/s Write - 529.9 MB/s
<All 0xFF, 0Fill> Read - 1064 MB/s Write - 993.1 MB/s
<All 0x00, 1Fill> Read - 1063 MB/s Write - 875.5 MB/s

HD Tune Pro 5.00 most items are almost double speed. CrystalDiskMark scores are also the same.
ATTO DISK Benchmark is a good software to test SSD best read/write performance with short time.
The max score is almost double as well. You can see the Raid 0 mode really improves the performance.

AS SSD Benchmark - 1423
Seq Read - 1031.05 MB/s Write - 517.00 MB/s
4K - 64Thrd Read - 456.30 MB/s Write - 407.31 MB/s

In Raid 0 mode, AS SSD Benchmark score increases about 75%.
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