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My System Specs


Originally Posted by AkG View Post
For low end builds you might want to start considering AMD. On low end builds they offer a good bang for the buck that is usually better than Intel. Yes Intel > AMD for performance, but there is a point of diminishing returns for avg joes...and even four 'fake' cores are better than two 'real' cores....'specially when comping and contrasting w/ Intel Pentinum line (those are dogs). For most uber budget builds AMDs integrated gpu is more than good enough for basic games. Not great...but good enough. This leaves room for a better mobo in the budget...or even (my personal calling card) a SSD. A SSD + AMD > Vraptor + Intel i3

100% amd fur htpc and Truly budget gaming pc. I think their integrated gpu is so far ahead of Intel at every pricepoint. But if you want to have a bit extra with a discrete graphics card I will stick to Intel.

Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
The intel have been far better per core for quite a long time now, I was thinking more to compare apple to apple in that an x3 will beat a x2 with the same tech and clocks.

Yes my rig cost allot BUT I've had a super fast computer for 5 - 7 years instead of a budget basement build thats going lasted for 2 may be 3 and be slow the whole time.

It could be like my friend that has a Q6600 thats lasted him 5 years already and he has no problem running it for another 5 as long as the pace of change stays as it has the last few years.
(though he would probably save more with a more efficient chip for that long in power alone)

Value does not always equal cheap

I have an i7 950, which was much more expensive than the current i7 3770k(or the 2600k) but even so it's better value than the build your making.. Granted that there is no budget for more so you couldn't put more in if you wanted but to say that any kind of future proofing is pointless is not true.

There is always a sweet point where the tech will last and the cost isn't too high. It's finding what that point is for each individual that I try to achieve.

P.S. you point on motherboards. yes you could spend 230 on a z77 board.. alternatively you could spend 80 and have mostly the same features.
Thanks and given the money yes yes yes. I posted my rig,My offspring who all live within a mile of me have self built an i7 860 on I think a 150 skt 1366 for about 3yrs, 2x G840 H61,an e8400 P68 (?) and 3 other 775s. Graphics 8800gt x2' gtx 260 x2 and 3 x gtx460. All have ssds +h/drve. SSDs sata2 and 3 some are "fast" some are "slow" various chips -indexlink and others I would have to look up.My daughter is a mac. We all love nice kit !

Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
You see an increase of FPS of 20% in Skyrim with a 6 cores i7-3930k compare to a i7-2600k, Planetside 2 run way smoother too. so new games will use more and more cores.
I do like it but its a Ferrari in a forum about a Honda civic

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