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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Ibrihim View Post
On point 5 I feel toms hardware have it right when they recommend a Pentium G860 over the AMD 3 core for gaming. I agree 4 cores is best and above all I agree it depends on the game.
On usb and sata I can only defer to your vision and sense of time.
Yes dual core may be obsolete in 2 or 3 years so I've lost 40 but I can enter the world of the latest wonder socket. Be fair -when you bought your i7 it alone it was about twice the cost of the above entire rig.
The intel have been far better per core for quite a long time now, I was thinking more to compare apple to apple in that an x3 will beat a x2 with the same tech and clocks.

Yes my rig cost allot, about 700 for the board memory chip case and PSU with a 560ti(upgraded since) BUT I've had a super fast computer for 5 - 7 years instead of a budget basement build thats going last for 2 may be 3 and be slow the whole time.

It could be like my friend that has a Q6600 thats lasted him 5 years already and he has no problem running it for another 5 as long as the pace of change stays as it has the last few years.
(though he would probably save more with a more efficient chip for that long in power alone)

Value does not always equal cheap

I have an i7 950, which was much more expensive than the current i7 3770k(or the 2600k) but even so it's better value than the build your making.. Granted that there is no budget for more so you couldn't put more in if you wanted but to say that any kind of future proofing is pointless is not true.

There is always a sweet point where the tech will last and the cost isn't too high. It's finding what that point is for each individual that I try to achieve.

P.S. you point on motherboards. yes you could spend 230 on a z77 board.. alternatively you could spend 80 and have mostly the same features.

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