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I can honestly see your POV. For the most part I agree with the underlying idea of dont over-spec the rig (most do it to screw the person over) BUT under-specing it is just as bad. It will cost the person more in the long rung.

IF you had stopped at saying hard drives dont need SATA 3...sure. I would agree. But saying that SSD's dont benefit just shows your bias and / or ignorance of the technology. Sorry to be harsh, but that is the simple truth.

As others have stated multi-core does matter. Most games can handle two threads these days (or more depending on the game). With a dual core...that leaves ZERO cores for the OS. The OS has many...many threads that need cycles too. If there is nothing left for the will rob from the "game" cores. This will bottleneck your rig. Is it a huge bottleneck if you are running a cheap GPU (as per point 4)?...not really. Cheap rigs are cheap. BUT in this day and age a good quad core doesnt cost that much more than a dual. Why cut this corner?

Cheap boards are cheap because they use cheap parts. They fail faster and usually are more issue prone than mid grade boards. Once again I would have agreed if you had said $100 - $150 vs $300 as there is a point of diminishing returns...but the cheap crappiest boards are the ones I see fail most often. This is 60 bucks that is not worth shaving UNLESS the rig is for short term increment use which will be replaced in 3 years. Most people dont upgrade their CPU, so the whole will it be around in 3 years argument does not apply. Most people upgrade a system, not a cpu or mobo. Hell its only recently average joes have caught on to upgrading the storage device! Its better to build ONE durable rig that has a lower chance of failing than taking advantage of RMA and building it TWICE.

As for point 1, I can see your POV but disagree. Z77 adds RST and SATA 3. Plop a small SSD in there (for RST, or mid grade SSD for true cross over) and watch a dog slow rig turn into a near enthusiast grade rig. On tight budgets its a nice upgrade a year down the line....and unlike us enthusiasts most people DO NOT upgrade every other year or even 3 years. Its more like 3 -5. IF peeps can spend 1bill next year and extend the life of their rig for two years or more it just makes sense. You are not doing them any favours by under-specing their build.
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