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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Ibrihim View Post
No one could argue against more expensive boards tend to have better layout and quality components . At the same time msi gigabyte and asus offer 3 yr warranties on many budget boards. I have supplied Low end H61 boards from all three brands( What ever is on special) Two of the rigs 24 mths ago. I don't think I am building trouble for myself. Do you think skt 1155 will be around in 3years time?
It doesn't matter when the socket will be around. 1366 is obsolete yet 3 years later my board is rock solid.
Or, my fathers X38 Intel board. 775 is very obsolete but that is still working perfect.

And warranties are a two fold sword. Nice to have but when you are out 2-3 weeks on a board (not including troubleshooting with said vendor) if its just the same I'd rather not have to use it at all.
My demograph right now goes well beyond the proverbial 'few' as I have done it for two companies spanning 7 years. Historically speaking putting in the higher end boards has lessened dead boards quite a bit. Of those dead, 70% from 4 vendors were Power Delivery Failures.
And its telling too when the RMA'd boards come back Re-capped with Quality Caps.

Its all component selection , and where the vendor skimped.


PS - Try and keep your responses to a single instance if possible, or at least after someone else has posted. It makes the thread a mess otherwise.

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