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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
While I do generally advise people with the budget to get a 3570 and z77 (as it'll simply last them sooo bloody long and hold very good second hand value compared to other solutions.)
I don't see the point of the post above.

Mostly people say what they need to do and their budget and mostly people will say you should go for xyz
As always though each person will prioritize what they want most, generally forum members will give an option or 2 for said budget and usage stating the pro's and con's of each.

on point 5 your off base.. there are gains in having more cores in games. Even the x3 phenom shows increased performance over a dual core(no HT).
Then it also depends on the game they want to play, some games are incredibly processor intensive.

On USB 3 and Sata 3, well the benefit of these are noticeable and eventually the user may eventually want an SSD, all stuff that they should be saying when they ask for advice.

On point 6, a dual core will be defunct in 2 -3 years yes, definitely.. an i5 or i7 will not.
3.5 years on my i7 950 and no intention of changing it for another 2-3. There is just no reason as it's that good.

Obviously every piece of tech will become outdated eventually, but if a user has a budget of 1000, we advise what will suit their needs best and last as long as possible.
If we advised the minimum they needed then in a years time they will be struggling with the new latest and greatest and be cursing us up and down.
Also if you go for (even a low end) z77 chipset there is a drop-in upgrade available in a couple of years.

To sum it up, I agree with not over spec'ing what people need but I think your under-estimating how long the higher end stuff lasts these days and people tend to advise to the situation...
if someone asks for a 300 build thats generally what they will get.
They may get options or advised to spend a little more here or there so that they get the best performance per but they generally stick to budget.
On point 5 I feel toms hardware have it right when they recommend a Pentium G860 over the AMD 3 core for gaming. I agree 4 cores is best and above all I agree it depends on the game.
On usb and sata I can only defer to your vision and sense of time.
Yes dual core may be obsolete in 2 or 3 years so I've lost 40 but I can enter the world of the latest wonder socket. Be fair -when you bought your i7 it alone it was about twice the cost of the above entire rig.

Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Yeah which is one good way to shorten the life of a PSU's Caps (having the PSU extract the heat).
That is why more and more PSU's are becomming Bottom mounted in order to facilitate longevity. Though this means you need to pay more attention to Case airflow when opting for a case like that.

For boards there are lots of 'rubbish' designs on the market espically with the surge in cheap chinese caps and components + knock offs of them.
The Cheaper the board, the less likely it will live into the long term. Coupled inside of a case that gives the MOSFETs (which on cheap boards have no HS) little air movement and you have dead board faster than most.

No one could argue against more expensive boards tend to have better layout and quality components . At the same time msi gigabyte and asus offer 3 yr warranties on many budget boards. I have supplied Low end H61 boards from all three brands( What ever is on special) Two of the rigs 24 mths ago. I don't think I am building trouble for myself. Do you think skt 1155 will be around in 3years time?

Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Granted, most of the stuff we recommend is for enthusiast oriented rigs. Somebody who is going to have a computer built and then not mod it anymore will not benefit from higher end equipment such as an overclockable high end motherboard. However, for those of us that are enthusiasts (i.e. most of the people who post on this website) we can make use of these upgraded parts for one reason or another, be it folding, benchmarking, 3D editing, or just plain bragging rights. Plus, some of us just like to have nice things. A lot of people on here create works of arts when it comes to their rigs, and they take a lot of pride in the parts they choose and the way the whole thing looks. Computers for us are a hobby, so yeah, we're going to like to have the best parts that we can afford.

Does the fact that we're enthusiasts forgive the fact that often we recommend high end parts to people that only need low end 'will make do' parts? No, it doesn't. However, it's often human nature to recommend what you covet/own, because that is what your mind desires, so obviously other people desire it, too.
Thank you hits the nail on the head and p.s. when you get bored by your rig and you know you will , Can I have it.

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