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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Ibrihim View Post
On the case side good point, I would definitely add at least one fan thank you. I've read that about 60% of a computers heat is extracted by the power supply.thats from when cases had top mounted PSUs. On motherboards I believe there is no longer much rubbish out there ,the days of "PC-Chips" and the like are long gone.
Yeah which is one good way to shorten the life of a PSU's Caps (having the PSU extract the heat).
That is why more and more PSU's are becomming Bottom mounted in order to facilitate longevity. Though this means you need to pay more attention to Case airflow when opting for a case like that.

For boards there are lots of 'rubbish' designs on the market espically with the surge in cheap chinese caps and components + knock offs of them.
The Cheaper the board, the less likely it will live into the long term. Coupled inside of a case that gives the MOSFETs (which on cheap boards have no HS) little air movement and you have dead board faster than most.


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