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My System Specs


My only honest point of contention, and one that I can touch base with because of numbered experience is the boards.
You are correct to say for the processor neither will be faster with the same proc.
However what does matter greatly and where the 'enthusiast boards' shine is build quality.
Those cheap boards many times are cheap because they have to keep within a budget and sacrifice on quality.
Be it substandard CAPS, Chokes, MOSFET's , or even lack of any type of reasonable cooling. Which, when stuffed into a budget case with budget fans is an eventual recipie for disaster.

You, most times from respectable manufactureres in boards, get what you pay for.

I don't care that for my board I won't max out or saturate my USB or SATA for sometime to come. What matters to me is my board in itself will outlive the usefullness of all items I attach to it.


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