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Default Computer Myths and Overkill

Whilst I have been a little black and white in this for brevity , I desperately welcome comments especially corrections as, yet again, I may be talking out of the wrong end .
I've been asked to build a budget gamer/General purpose for an unemployed neighbor. Basic MSI h61 m/Board 30 Intel G630 42 2x2GB 1333MHz 18 500GB Hd sata3 barracuda 40 DVD R/W 13 and a Gtx 650Ti 105 . Cheap finger cutting case 12 450w Be quiet system power range 39. Total 299.
Myths - 7 of them anyway
1. Z77 is faster than H61. No it is not, and Intel will tell you this. Same CPU on a cheap board will run at the same speed as a 340 board. Z77 has many extra features for enthusiasts and I am one but not much use for anyone with a sub 150 processor.

2. You must have sata3 Why? after all no conventional hard drive can supply sata 2 speed let alone sata 3s speed . SSD can benefit- on a graph- but in real life only folk modded to perceive micro seconds will notice.

3. USB3 a must have. Fair enough, that one terabyte USB stick you snapped up at CES for 3000 u.s. dollars will transfer the size of file you daily use better via usb3, but for most the small files transferred by usb won't see a difference.

4. Best Video Card possible. No, it's best card your display can handle. Up to 19 inch 1400x900 is about the best, the majority are 1366x800. Quite a lot of 1280x1024 still out there. Its harder to find low resolution benchmarking but it seems to show a 240 card won't display much better than a 120 card, again if you are capable of visually measuring exact FPS you might detect the difference but it won't look better - no WOW! factor at these resolutions.

5. CPU Bottleneck. Nope. Unless the game can use 4 cores Any current Intel 2core inc Celerons will not bottle neck a sub 200 graphic card, maybe even 300.

6. The best is future proof. Obvious nonsense. When the above rig gets an upgrade in 2 or 3 years time board and cpu will retain 50% plus of the original purchase price . Even if sooner on Ebay or forums its 60% plus. Try that with a 150 motherboard. By the time the future is here your board ,your cpu, your PCIE3 graphics will all be redundant every time.

7. Cheap boards don't last. well cheap boards don't get stressed, and as only the incurably stupid use cheap power supplies, you shouldn't need the 3 year g/tee it came with. Chances are it will still be going when socket 1155 is no longer available!

I think it is a wonderful thing to be able to post a proposed rig and get help from other forum members. Though I am not always happy with advice I often see given to people for the above reasons. Real life and real games are not the same as bench testing and as soon as I see "you must have" my hackles rise.

If I buy a board with usb3 and sata3 I waste 9 of video card money. What do I gain? ( also when do you read a post advising H61 chipset)
If I buy a sata 2 SSD I can get nearly double the capacity compared to sata3 although it will be a slow one (240GB@ 88) Again , I should notice?
I replaced a mates 80GB H/D with a 90GB Kingston SSD. Three months later he is still telling people I am a genius and inviting them to see how fast his 5 yr old e5300 is. OK he is not a techie or a good judge of I.Q. , but we both got the WOW factor. Should I have said " well you need a new motherboard Z 77 is the best at the moment then you can use the latest Ivybridge processor etc". Knowing what a computer is to be used for and monitor size is as important as knowing whats available. As per the sticky on this forum.

My first post after visiting the site for a few years, I've learned a lot .Thanks to all. It's a good place.
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