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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
I am going to off topic here , one thing that I have noticed in the past 10 yrs is that more and more children and teens spend IMPO way way to much time playing games on PC's and phones so much so that they seem to be missing out what is actually out there. This worries me allot. yrs ago I think that it was a big mistake that I taught my back then 5 yr nephew how to play Power ranges on an old sega system that I used to play with on days when the weather was really bad and nothing today. Now days that same nephew of mine does work come home play PC games all night then goes and takes a math class that he needs for some other course. goes home plays more pC games sleeps 2-4 hrs goes towork then repeats the whole thing again. his interpersonal skills are vary limited and of course I blame myself for this becasue he always looked up to me. this I hope isn't a sign of what our future is going to be like.
I agree, we limit our son's access to the tablets. Trying to find that balance might be a bit of a learning curve for us. We purge videos on it when we notice him watching videos more then doing the educational/problem solving games. We are careful what games/videos go onto the tablets. I think he has accelerated in a few things because of the tablets... its just like anything else, with moderation it can be beneficial and a good tool.
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