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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
If you have the power supply to handle an OC 8350 and already have a motherboard, I would say go for it. Just make sure you have a good cooler. The only I don't know is if I would spend the extra on the 8350 over the 8320. From what I have read when OC there is usually only 100mhz separating the 2.
I'm running custom water cooling and a Silverstone DA750W PSU. My current CPU water block isn't the greatest by any means but temps are 30*C @ idle and ~45*C after gaming for a few hours, and that's with the 1100T having 1.5V vcore and 1.4V for the CPU-NB. I have an XFX 1000W PSU and an EK supremacy on the way. I don't need a 1000W supply but it was a good deal.

I read that another difference between the 8350 and 8320 was the amount of voltage required to get the same OC.
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