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How is Scribblenauts for difficulty? I should have clarified, my girls are 4 and 5, love the Playbook and iPods but when I'm working or surfing on the computer they think that it's the best thing ever, so I'm looking to accommodate them. I think that SMB, Braid, Psychonauts and Limbo (and, for that matter PB Winterbottom) are above their pay grade at the moment, because when I let them play I don't mind helping a little, but getting called every few minutes is annoying. I had forgotten about Spore, is that an Origin game now? I have a disk copy somewhere, but I could probably pick up a copy on Origin with the DLCs for cheaper than the time it would take to find the product key. Also, does anyone have any experience with the Oddworld games? I'm also considering Beyond Good and Evil, Tiny and Big. I should really go through my old binders too to see if anything would work.
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