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So I've never tried to capture a wu in V7. I'll look into it and see if there is a way.

I know that there are "features" that detect whether or not a wu is old and it will automatically return it (there should be an option to ignore it)

all of the data is kept in a weird place. it's C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\FAHClient
in there you will find the cores, config file, work folder and some other stuff as well. inside the work folder you will find (if you have a slot running) a folder numbered to match what is shown in the "Work Queue" section of FAHControl. There shouldn't be a problem to copy/backup those folders and then overwrite them when you want to test a specific wu.

The trick is going to be keeping it for later when the deadline has past. That I'll have to look into
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