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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
I have read that that card is a bit noisy, and its only a 1gb, but at that price I think its about as good as bang for buck is going to get without a power supply upgrade (IMO).

EDIT: That said I will put in a link for BlueByte here (you didn't even post your own sale?). He has a GTX650 Ti in the buy sell thread that is brand new in box for $100...I would consider that. Its between an hd 7770 and 7850 in performance, but would be even better on power (its cheaper and since private sale save the tax as well). Your call.

If you really want more performance then that, then the power supply should really be upgraded (as I mentioned in an earlier post).
LOL I didn't want to spam a thread with my own sale, seems shifty. I did bump my own thread around the same time though. and PM people when I think they might be interested in what I have. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to sales sometimes.

But yes that card is collecting dust so please feel free and buy it. I think the 650TIs are around $130 right now after rebates and sales. so its still a savings.
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