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My System Specs


Is it just me or is the new corsair 900D trying to look like / mimic the feel of this a bit? the window and bottom cooling looks way too similar to be coincidence.

BTW if you haven't looked at the pictures of the build in murderbox MKII: Add-On Options.. Your missing a thing of beauty..
White coolant with transparent block (or the backs of them at least) and Stainless steel piping with the panel looks soo incredibly awesome.

Still couldn't justify spending the money but I'm well jealous of those that can..

On the L10, good case, not comparable, you really need to look at the detail of what this thing does and how it does it.

Disagree on it being a work of art though. Art has no function other than being art.. So if you hang on the wall / put it on a plinth and never use it... then yea maybe.
An incredibly beautiful and elegant piece of engineering and design, Yes totally agree with that.
Could say a masterpiece.

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