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My System Specs

Default New Laptop for light - med CS6 work

Hey guys,

Looking for a new laptop / tablet PC(highly optional) for my GF..

Reasonable budget of $1000 ~ $1200 (630 - 750) (the less the better)

Her usage will be mainly for work (colourist for a comic, CS6 and a few other graphical packages)
Nothing too heavy being done but it is CS6 still so can't be a slouch either.

Main points:
8GB ram (6GB will do, 4 at a push),
15" - 15.6" screen would be perfect as any bigger and it's too heavy and any smaller and the screen is too small to work on (though if it's a table then she'll be happy enough)
APU will be fine (especially if it's Intel HD 4000 or better, AMD options?)
She'll probably do SOME gaming on it but it will be light-weight stuff and she's not interested in top end graphics.
SSD with a HDD secondary drive would be ideal, small cache drive would be ok, no ssd / space for second drive is :(
Ultrabooks are probably out of my price range but their weight would be an advantage, Lighter is better.

My main thing here is I don't keep up with the mobile monikers and there is a confusing rage available of different versions of processors at different speeds.

Also, AMD Vs Intel.. As far as I'm aware the Ivy chips walk all over the AMD alternatives for the likes of what she will use it..
BUT if there is a significant saving to be made and only a slight performance hit then I would definitely look at them

Will most likely be buying from either Ukraine or UK: | Laptops (this is in russian, chrome will translate it pretty well)
Overclockers UK - Laptops & Tablets - Laptops & Tablets

Obviously I can look at Dell etc too ( sites)
Gives you an idea of the prices I'm looking at.

No os / unix versions where available as I have a copy of Win 7 64 bit that I can register on it.
Battery life isn't really important but would be good to be able to watch a movie or 2 on 1 charge or get a couple of hrs of Photoshop done.
It'll be used plugged in 95% of the time that it's being used.

Last thing is, she has an ipad3 which she uses for skype, browsing etc so this will be 95% work use only, no need of any bells or whistles whatsoever beyond whats above.

Thanks for any and all input.. Suggestions on which processors to look at will be good as will suggestions of particular models.

Last point, she is used to using Old low end computers/laptops.. The fastest this she has is her ipad3 / PS3 so this really really doesn't need to be able to blitz CS6 by any means.
That said, I don't want CS6 locking up on her every time she does something (mostly colouring and shading/highlights, not much in effects / rendering etc)

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