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My System Specs


I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart. Had to specifically request they special order it for me, pharmacist never heard of it. $8/bottle. I actually have an extra bottle if anybody in the GTA want to pick it up

I got the stuff on the pads, is it enough to just rinse with iso or should i scrub it with a qtip?

Some tips would be to use a razor blade like the DE in the pic, it's a lot easier to work with. Also, if you do plan on delidding, do it before mounting it if possible, I'm pretty sure mine was hard to delid after having it mounted for a while. As for scrubbing the black stuff off the pcb, wet it with solvoplast before using a credit card to remove. It softens up the glue and makes removal much easier. Same goes for the stuff under the ihs except you can use the razor to get into the corners.
Of note, when I was popping the ihs off, for my cpu in particular, the suction stuck the ihs on so I had to slide the De in on the side and then put in a box cutter blade in to get leverage to pop it off. I would suggest you have the ihs facing downwards during this so it won't hit the die since it might come off a bit forcefully.

Total time to get the ihs off was about an hour. Took it super slow to make sure I didn't screw up.Just picked up my liquid pro from the post office and still need to make sure no solvoplast is on the pads so I haven't mounted yet

Just my 2 cents and some pics to boot,


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