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My System Specs


I'm getting used to it and it seems to be fine, even playing around with various free apps available for Win8.

Went with Win8 Pro rather than pay for Win7 Pro when I found out that my Win7 Home Premium had a 16GB RAM ceiling and I had 32GB RAM on my machine. Win8 Pro was a lot less (like more than $100 less) than Win7 Pro upgrade.

I set up a dual boot system and go back and forth between the two OS's. I'm using Win8 for productivity as it had issues with many of my games but my productivity software (Office 10, Adobe Photoshop Elements 10) were good to go in Win8. I've been trying to get comparisons between benchmarks between the two OS's but that's proven to be more of a challenge than I am up to. I don't think my Win8 runs any slower than my Win7 set up but benchmarks seem to suggest otherwise. I've been posting the saga of this comparison in the OC threat (Win7 vs Win8 Benchmarks).

I saw somewhere that the introductory price on Win8 is ending soon so if you are thinking about upgrading you may want to check out when this price increase is scheduled and act accordingly.

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