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Thanks Generic, it make sense to have a hd for reading and one for writing the video, but I will never put a green on my PC, the video I plan to do will be mainly for youtube or my website, nothing to fancy, what about uusing 2 x 500 GB black for it and a 2 tb for storage ?

so here how it should look

C:\ 120 or 240 GB Intel SSD
D:\ WD 2TB Black cache with a 64 GB SSD ( I already have this one )
E:\ WD 500 GB Black
F:\ WD 500 GB Black

No what about the Adobe Photoshop cache ? will be usefull to out it on a spare 40 GB SSD ? is it enough, because I have a spare one too. I would like also to put the page files on it , so I will destroy a cheap SSD instead of my Intel SSD
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