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Throttling or dropping threads happen when you are pushing things to hard. So to make sure thats not happening and that you really do have a software problem in windows 8 reset everything back to factory defaults and test. You are not going for a high score but one that's pretty close between windows 7 and 8. run stock cpu, ram speeds for this. If they both come up close after that its overclocking that's causing this.

If thats the case, OC one thing at a time to determine whats causing the headache. ie OC the cpu but run ram and gpu at stock. If your scores stay within a margin of error between the two OSes start to combine your overclocks cpu + ram, but leave the gpu stock.

If even stock speeds are giving different scores then I would say its software and you are playing with drivers most likely. AMD tech should run better in windows 8 over a stock windows 7 install because windows 8 should feed the AMD cores better(ever so slightly better, but win 8 should come out on top with an AMD)
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