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Asrock is pretty stable and has more features than Asus in the same price range. If you're not adding a soundcard then Asrock is better for gaming as it has the latest audio chipset that Asus only offers on $200+ boards.

Samsung 840 250GB is the best sub $200 SSD overall and with the newest controller.

Not worth saving $10 for non-k version of CPU. Get it anyways and see where you go from there.

for 24/7 usage WD blacks are the worst choice! unstable, Loud, power hungry, very fast but nothing like SSDs. Since you will have a SSD, you should get slower, quieter, and efficient HD. WD reds are made for 24/7 usage, Greens are a bit less stable but are quieter and consume less power. Do it right and install your OS, games, apps etc. on the SSD, and files (music, movies, documents etc.) on the HDD then the speed of your HD is not an issue.

For PSU 650W is all that you need with headroom for overclocking. Your rig at stock will barely tap 400W
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